Rebranding Strategies For Online Business Success


Rebranding strategies can transform your business and make it better. However, small to medium level business owners don’t usually focus even on branding when they start a business.

On the other hand, another group of business owners gives high priority to brand development, making them thrive in the market. Still, even such business owners sometimes focus on rebranding upon changes to their current business plan.

Since we discuss online businesses here, digital rebranding is our prime subject. You may have tried everything, but you couldn’t achieve success. And that is the right time to think of rebranding and introduce yourself to the market as a brand new product or service.

You may want to expand your successful business and reach the next level. Rebranding can be the process that could make it happen.

Business rebranding can happen in various forms; for example, you may have a company website, and it is on Google’s first search page. And, now you have plans to develop a brand identity on social media with the help of a social media marketing agency. Anything is possible if you choose the right rebranding strategies, but you may need professional assistance for it.

Why Should You Rebrand?: Rebranding costs money, but it is a long-term investment. However, you may want to know—why is it necessary for my business?

Small and medium business owners are not the only groups of business owners that necessarily require this upgrade. Many Big Brands, such as Uber to Dunkin’ Donuts, have applied this strategy.

You can change your entire online presence, including your company website, logo, and even name for an advancement. However, you should have a clear target and a “VALID” reason for it.

Having a clear picture in mind on why you would rebrand is equally important as choosing the right rebranding strategies. If not, failures explained in this post can happen source

Below is a list of “VALID” reasons:

Or, perhaps you are looking for more attention. Every market niche upgrades, changes, and gets invaded by new businesses. Your position in it won’t be a guarantee, unless you are a big brand, such as Coca Cola or Microsoft.

Rebranding Strategies: Digital rebranding can be partial or total rebranding. No matter your requirement, partial or total rebranding for your online business, you can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. You need the hands of a full-service SEO company that can make it happen by looking after its all aspects for you.

If your business is doing well, but you look for expansions, then partial rebranding is a sound choice. It is more of a refresh than a complete change of identity.

However, think twice when you plan for a total rebranding for your already-succeeded business. The more you have developed a solid name in the market/niche, the more you would lose from a rebranding.

A partial rebranding can do wonders for you.

McDonald’s is the best example to show the power of partial rebranding. Why did McDonald’s, the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chain, needed it? The case of McDonald’s proves to us a golden theory, which is that digital rebranding is highly beneficial even for the world’s big brands.

McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain, but people now lean towards healthier lifestyles and foods. The restaurant chain faced a challenging situation as their customers moved away from unhealthy fast-foods to healthier food products.

They implemented one of the most effective rebranding strategies to overcome the challenge. They added healthier and healthier items to their menus, and a promotional campaign passed the message across their previous customers. Online and social media marketing campaigns passed their NEW message to customers faster than their predictions.

The new approach again made them the industry leader. McDonald’s didn’t change their name or shut down their company. They implemented a solid rebranding strategy according to customers’ updated demands. Refer to this post to know more about McDonald’s rebranding story

Total Rebranding: Partial rebranding worked for McDonald’s, but it may not be the best choice for another company. Market competition, emerging new products/services, the reputation of your brand, and your ultimate target determine what suits you the most, partial or rebranding. 

Nokia was the leader of mobile phones back in the 90s and early 21st century. In 1998, Nokia had a 30% market share in the mobile phone sector. 

Things got changed with the emergence of the Smartphone concept. The demand for button-press phones faded away sooner than anybody thought. Samsung and Apple dominate the mobile phone (smartphone) markets now. 

In 2011 and 2012, Nokia also tried their best to regain the lost market, but they failed. Partial rebranding they implemented wasn’t sufficient to overtake Samsung and Apple. 

The story of Apple was the opposite. 

Who would believe that Apple was nearly bankrupt, but it was rebranding under Steve Jobs saved the company? Steve Jobs changed everything from product specifications to advertising (almost total rebranding.) 

For all the business owners who wish to thrive through rebranding strategies, The Rise Of Apple is the best case study to follow. 

How to Rebrand Your Company?: Well, this is not a one-day or one-step process. The necessary change, which is either partial or total rebranding, also makes things more challenging. 

Is rebranding difficult? It is not a piece of cake, but many thousands of business owners across the globe have won it. Think of the following crucial factors in detail. Rebranding benefits are the icing on the cake. If you do it right, then you can enjoy those long-term benefits. 

1) Reestablish your brand’s market & audience. 

2) Redefine your company’s mission, vision, and values. 

3) Rename your company (only if necessary.)

4) Modify your brand’s slogan.

5) Rebuild your brand identity. 

Depending on the branding strategy you plan to implement, total or partial rebranding, you will have to make one or more of the above necessary changes accordingly. 

You may have a series of high-quality products and services, but you haven’t implemented the right digital marketing strategy. Or, you only promote your products/services via old days’ marketing methods. 

Searching for a new market/niche/audience and rebuilding your brand identity can’t happen via the old day’s marketing strategies. If you are planning to rebuild your brand identity this year, make sure you know these digital marketing trends

Social Media Branding: Millions of people use various social media platforms today. Why not initiate rebranding on those platforms? Below is the procedure for it. 

Cover Your Basics: You may have already promoted your company on social media or not at all. No matter the case, social media rebranding should start with the basics. Some sort of consistency is vital when you rebrand on social media. However, you can customize your approach according to various platforms.

When considering the basics, such as the company logo and color palette, having a common identity that helps customers recognize your brand is highly beneficial. 

Search for strategies that make you engage with social media users; for example, prepare a schedule for social media postings. 

A quick tip: perform a social media audit across all your accounts before anything. 

Extending Visual Branding: Colorful pictures, videos, and even infographics are eye-catchers. Whether it’s an Instagram post or a Facebook video, it has to have the hints of your basics.

The shades and even the fonts you use for videos reflect your individuality. Ongoing marketing is crucial during the early stages of digital rebranding. Posting one product video per month won’t make a big difference.

To get visitors to visit your social media pages, you should greet them with something new, attractive, and informative often. “How can I find time for all these;” is this your biggest concern? You can always outsource the task to a digital marketing agency, then. 

Using Compelling Content: Social media rebranding isn’t only videos and images. New and engaging content is one of the best rebranding strategies. Adding fresh content applies to your company website, too.

However, you should understand that the right content for social media platforms differs from one platform to another. Content on your Linkedin can’t be the content that you would use for Instagram. 

Some small and medium business owners don’t realize the importance of this content strategy, and which is why their first digital rebranding failed. Go through your social media profiles again and check for content issues and lacks. 

Digital rebranding means you are developing your own identity in a highly competitive market. For it to happen, even the content you develop should be unique and attractive. 

Make Use Of Social Media: What does this mean? Well, social media is not just Facebook. It is not only YouTube, either.

Social media rebranding refers to you promoting your company again with your full potential. Why not make use of all the available social media platforms for it? Whether you sell designer shoes or laptops, various client groups reach you through different social media platforms. 

Build your brand on all those social media platforms for all the client groups, not only for one client group! 

The Cost of Rebranding:

The overall cost of rebranding highly depends on the rebranding strategies and your requirements. For a particular company, a total rebranding would cost more than a partial rebranding. 

Do you have high-quality products and services? If yes, then choosing the right, updated digital marketing strategies can do wonders. Digital rebranding is a first-class choice as customers prefer online product purchasing now. 

You may not have big money for rebranding, which is 100% fine. The overall cost of rebranding is perhaps only the cost of hiring a full-service digital marketing company. They can promote you and your products/services through the latest marketing strategies, such as Google Maps Marketing.  

Closing Thoughts: You may be going through a total business failure, making you focus on rebranding strategies. Failing one time isn’t the end of the world. However, you should learn from the mistakes and plan and work for the best. 

Failing to upgrade products, services, and marketing strategies according to the ever-changing trends is a big mistake. You should avoid this disastrous mistake at all costs. 

Digital rebranding can transform your business and make you a leader in the market. In case you need experts’ knowledge and assistance for this long-term upgrade, we can help you. Contact us today! 

Your Complete Guide To Google Maps Marketing

google map marketing
google map marketing

Google Maps Marketing is an online strategy that makes use of Google Maps and makes your business easier to find. Why is it useful for your business? How to implement the strategy rightly? Let’s understand these beneficial factors in detail today.

We live in a busy world where people only spend a few seconds to find anything that they need online. The majority of Internet users now use a mobile device to go online. Google was smart to understand these latest trends, and developed its Map app to fit the inclination. Many people go to Google Maps and click Drinks or Food. If you are using a laptop or PC, then you can search through unique search phrases, such as “Italian Food Near Me.”

The below picture speaks a thousand words: source

google map

Of course, search engine optimization is yet the leading online marketing strategy. However, now you need Google Maps Marketing as well to support your overall SEO strategy. An undeniable percentage of customers only look for products and services within Google Maps results today. Such customers don’t bother scrolling down to see other organic search results. You can understand the importance of this marketing strategy now.

Optimizing Your Google My Business:

Getting your business at the top of the map’s area can immensely help you increase the number of calls and website visits from potential customers.

First of all, you have to have a Google My Business account to appear in Google Maps. Make sure that all the information about your business is up-to-date. Including the following relevant information is crucial:

1) The area you serve.

2) Business profile picture.

3) Hours of operation.

4) Public phone number.

5) Your company website’s URL.

6) Special features (free WiFi or car park available.)

Google also highlights the importance of having photos of your location for driving directions. Did you know that locations with photos receive about 42% more requests for driving directions? Moreover, businesses with photos on Google Maps receive about 35% more clicks through to their company websites.

Below is a good example of using photos for more clicks and visits. source

Responding to reviews about your place is also important in enabling new people to find you online. It shows that you value feedback, whether those are positive or negative. For more information on these guidelines, visit information provided by Google here

Why Do You Need Google Maps Marketing?:

We have to focus on crucial stats and facts here. It is a fact that millions of customers search for businesses online today, and the majority of them use a mobile device for it. Consider the data below:

1) About 72% who perform a local search online only visit a business place within five miles of them.

2) About 50% of customer searches on Google Maps can lead to store visits within a day.

3) Over 75% of online searches via mobile devices result in an offline purchase.

4) Customers tend to trust businesses with information on Google Maps more than the ones that don’t.

Google Maps Marketing & Local SEO:

Understanding the relationship between these two digital marketing elements drives you toward success. Customers trust Google Reviews than what’s on your company website. However, we have to focus on the previously-discussed factor as well here. The fact that customers only spend a few seconds to choose products or services online come into play here.

Below is a brilliant example of how Google Maps Marketing can combine these two crucial factors: source

google map place

When the list of dentists appears as shown in the above picture, would patients bother scrolling down for other dentists in the region? The name of the place is there, reviews/ratings are there, address & contact details are there, directions are there, and the company website, too. Getting your name on the Map list undoubtedly gets you through to more potential customers. Also, it allows local customers to find your business location faster and conveniently.

Google Maps Marketing Must-DOs:

Google is stricter now about who can dominate their search engine and maps. We can highlight five requirements that you have to fulfill to make money through Google maps:

1) On-page Optimization: The practice of optimizing each web page of your company website for better organic rankings and traffic.

2) Proximity: Google is smart to understand customers’ preferences in terms of how far they would travel for specific products/services. For example, you are in the middle of a highly-populated city where many thousands of people order food online. Google will make you appear in search results within the right proximity.

3) GMB Optimization: An optimized GMB makes things easier for Google to understand your company. For example, who you are, your products/services, your exact location, and your company website. Google knows more about you means you will appear in many Google search results.

4) Authority, Relevance, and Trust: Authority refers to how powerful your company website is in Google’s mind. Relevance means how appropriate or connected you are to customers’ queries. Trust refers to your overall online reviews & ratings.

5) Off-Page Optimization: The measures you take outside the company website to enhance its overall rankings.

Each of the above elements plays a crucial role in getting your company into Google Map list. The below infographic will help you understand the requirements to fulfill for Google Maps Marketing and Local SEO: source

google ranking algorithm

Measuring Your Success: You should measure the success of any marketing strategy to understand the real benefits of it. How many clients visit your company website through each strategy? Google My Business has many inbuilt tools, such as “Queries used to find your business.” Implementing the online marketing strategy is not enough; you got to measure its outcomes.

Below is a sample of such reports:

Closing Thoughts: Today, we discussed how Google Maps Marketing gives an extra push to your overall online marketing sales. Apps are handy tools that millions of customers prefer using when choosing products and services. Google Maps is one such tool that helps your customers find you quickly and conveniently.

Wiscom Solutions can implement this result-generating online marketing strategy and get more customers to buy your products; contact us today.

E-Learning System Sri Lanka

e-learning system

A Flexible Plan For Tutors/Students

E-learning in Sri Lanka; what is it? How and when did it come to Sri Lanka? Here’s the story.

In a time when more and more students prefer studying with the latest technology and in their homes, we believed that we could do something about it. On the other hand, So many organizations encourage employees to learn something new, but employees don’t have time for it.

Our expert team then began working on a solution for these requirements; well, we worked hard for it. Months of effort and gathering of expert knowledge and putting everything in one place resulted in success. Our team invented a highly-potential product, which is the much-needed upgrade in the country’s education sector. We proudly now present our E-learning System Sri Lanka, the most advanced and full-featured digital education system invented in the country.

Everybody can benefit from it, local and international tutors. Are you someone with exceptional teaching skills living abroad? Purchase our product and teach the local audience in Sri Lanka from anywhere in the world. Our digital education system is a world-class product, making it the perfect choice for even international tutors to teach their students.


Image Source:

Why Is E-Learning Essential For Sri Lanka Now?:

The country’s education system undoubtedly requires a sound upgrade now. We are way much behind than many other countries in terms of using technology in education. Even developed countries like the UK have already obsoleted traditional or old days’ teaching methods, expecting better outcomes.

The University of Cambridge is a world-leading education provider, and they also now focus more on providing online courses through e-learning. Here’s what they say about their robust system, “The Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS) is a robust platform that holds course content, materials, and administration in one user-friendly online system. It allows teachers to easily manage classes and track their students’ progress, highlighting areas of strength and weakness for ongoing performance improvement.” Source:

We have developed a similar and full-featured digital education system for Sri Lanka.

E-Learning System Sri Lanka or Digital Education is the turning point of online courses and distance learning, which is more flexible and result-generating. Students can study by flexible and distance learning, and tutors can teach via electronic resources.

Everything happens digitally, using the Internet, mobile devices, laptops, and computers. You can deliver knowledge and skills to a large number of students, where students learn at their homes under parents’ guidance. E-Learning or Distance Learning is much more productive, timesaving, result-generating, and convenient for all the parties.

Look how E-learning is taking over the Europe Market: 


Coming out of the traditional teaching frame and being highlighted as a tutor who is up-to-date and more flexible is essential now. Students can learn a broad range of subjects without wasting time and money on traveling. E-learning in Sri Lanka is the way of moving forward with the world’s updated trend as one nation.

There’s no doubt about it; we need this urgent and necessary upgrade. Our digital education system revolutionizes teaching/learning and the whole country, making it a hub of educated/skilled youth and workforce.

Below is a robust example of the practicality of online courses and distance learning. The UK’s healthcare sector is one of the most developed divisions in the world. Their e-learning has transformed healthcare into something better and productive. It also busts this myth, “e-learning isn’t suitable for engineering and other difficult subjects/divisions.”


Image Source:

The Benefits Of E-Learning System & Online Courses: The whole world leans towards this method, suggesting its effectiveness. What are the benefits of digital education in Sri Lanka?

1) Improving Teaching:

Online courses and distance learning take the hassle out of the usual classroom administration. The tutor can spend more time teaching, which results in augmented learning outcomes for students. The digital teaching process is much more effective in terms of planning lessons or courses

Our e-learning system in Sri Lanka and online course platform reduce administration and improve course organization. A range of reporting tools and automatic making included for convenient and quick tracking of students’ progress. The tutor remains with more time than ever to concentrate on their passion, teaching.

Below are some exclusive features of e-learning and online courses: Image Source


The entire teaching process happens online and by the touch of a finger; no need to print endless teaching materials. You can send quality education videos and other digital files you created to every student within only a few seconds.

We highly recommend our product for all institutions and online courses providers in Sri Lanka. You get the total control of tutors and students for managing online courses efficiently and rightly.

The Admin Module:

The admin module is highly beneficial for institutions or colleges that provide online courses or e-learning through a team of teachers. The admin module gives total control to the institution for monitoring tutors and students. The module comes with the following features:

Teacher View for monitoring teachers:

  • View Profiles Of Teachers: The admin can view teachers’ profiles, based on the status of those profiles.
  • Payment Accepting: The admin can view sort payment details through the system.
  • Monitoring Classroom Details: The admin can monitor teachers’ login details and monitor lecturing details through the system.

Student View for monitoring students:

  • Student profile view: The admin can view students’ detail through profiles and also can sort according to course-wise.

  • Payment Details: The admin can monitor students’ payment completions and due dates through the system.

  • Course Completion Details: The admin can view students’ course details, including completion of each online course through the system.

2) Improved Learning:

The youth seems to prefer education that takes place via advanced technology; their preference 100% matches with the world’s trends. Students require a comprehensive and consistent teaching method today. Even if the whole country is at rest, in case of an emergency or other uncontrolled situation, what if students can continue learning safety at their homes? Yes, this is what exactly our E-learning System Sri Lanka does. Learn at your own place, study anywhere, and value for money are the top benefits of online courses and digital education for students.

  We make it happen with the advanced Student Module:

  • MCQ Practice And Score Details:  Students can practice various subjects through MCQ questions and can check the score details.
  • Video Learning Model: Students can access subject-related Videos as well as E-learning modules to practice and get a better understanding of the methods.
  • File View Details: Students can access educational videos/files shared by teachers and practice through the system.
  • View Messaging Center: Communicate with the teacher via sending messages by using the messaging center.
  • Search Courses: A variety of online courses available; the student can search for available courses by using the Search Bar and Apply.

  • Logout: Simply clicking the Logout Button.

The below diagram summarizes it all: Source: Table 1 Benefits of successful e-learning implementation

Image source


3) Flexibility For All The Parties:  Teachers, parents, and students; everybody lives busy lifestyles now. E-learning solutions in Sri Lanka are the most flexible teaching and learning solution for you. Even full-time employees and parents can complete a diploma more conveniently with this digital method. No need to compromise your interests and other commitments; you can schedule to teach/study at your own place and phase.

Traditional teaching/learning methods is a burden for busy individuals. “You have to attend the class exactly at 4 pm,” this is the old days’ practice. What if the student or full-time employee can’t attend the class at 4 pm? Distance learning or e-learning is much more practical for such learners. Study whenever you can by referring to the learning sources many times wherever.

While age is not a barrier to study, but many people in their 30s, 40s, or 50s don’t prefer taking lessons with the youth in the same classroom. Here’s the solution. No matter your age, how busy you are, and your knowledge level, you can learn any subject from the beginning to the end through more resilient e-learning.

  • Rich and interactive teaching/course materials make learning easier and more interesting.
  • Digital education comes with the fabulous feature: personalized online support from teachers to students.
  • 24/7 availability of teaching/learning materials for all the parties. Even the parents of students can monitor the progress of their children efficiently.
  • Students don’t have to wait for a particular time to access learning materials.
  • Studying at your home saves time and money. Parents also don’t have to worry about the safety of their children.

4) Stress-Free & Hassle-Free Education: Miles of traveling for tuition classes is a big hassle for students and teachers. Our digital educational system is everyone’s e-learning school in Sri Lanka. Hassle & Stress completely taken out of the equation by this online course method.

You can study anywhere, and you can teach anywhere. Parents don’t need to organize accommodation for their children at faraway places anymore. You can keep them under your inspection, even the students who have completed A-levels. Miles of traveling, hours of time, and money saved in the long run.

Even employers can implement online training and online courses for employees. We developed an advanced online courses & learning/teaching system by considering how it can benefit employers. The below infographic explains it with facts & figures: Source: Infographic: How e-learning benefits productivity



Teacher Module & Student Module Explained: These modules are for teachers and students to create accounts and proceed with online teaching and learning. The process is as simple as A, B, C. Everything happens online; no need to meet teachers or students in person.

  Teacher Module:

  • Login: Teachers can create the username and the password in this section.
  • Registration:  Fill the registration application after login, and the system updates it. The status of the application is “Pending” until the admin confirms.
  • Evaluation Process: Based on the evaluation done by the admin, “Accept” or “Reject” status will appear in the taskbar.
  • Confirmation: The system sends an E-mail confirmation, including the payment details, for accepted applicants.

  • Payment Process: Clicking the Payment Button in the confirmation Email takes you to the payment gateway. You become an eligible tutor in the system upon payment completion.

  Student Module:

  • Login: Students create the student username and password in this section.

  • Student registration: Students can access the system via their personal Google or Facebook Account.

  • Primary Email Verification:  Successful enrolment into the system sent to students via email verification.

  • Confirmation:  The system also sends an email confirmation to all students who successfully enter the system.
  • Course selection: Students can select the course to follow by searching through the system.
  • Payment process: Payment to complete for each selected online course by clicking the Payment Button. The system sends an email confirmation, confirming the payment.

Be A Part Of Revolution: Our comprehensive e-learning system Sri Lanka is the ultimate solution that facilitates online teaching, learning, online courses, and distance learning.

We masterly created this product for tutors, colleges, institutions, employers, busy parents, universities, students, and full-time employers. Teach and study anywhere and anytime; stress-free and hassle-free.

Want a more summarized idea of the benefits of this education sector advancement? Below is the answer: Image Source


Closing Thoughts: Become a flexible teacher and win the attention and hearts of students and parents by investing money in our advance system. The much-needed advancement in the education sector is right here.

Contact us today for more information and purchasing our world-class e-learning solution. We give exclusive discounts for local and international tutors and educational institutions.

2020 Digital Marketing Trends For Business Success

Digital marketing trend

2020 digital marketing trends have become a major topic in the business world. No matter the country or industry, implementing these marketing strategies is crucial for the success of any business. Can we ignore the Internet and marketing methods bonded with it in this 21st century? Many thousands of customers prefer online products/services purchasing methods, even in Sri Lanka now. Businesses that make use of these so-called updated marketing strategies succeed, and those who ignore it lose ground. There’s no survival in the business division without Internet marketing in Sri Lanka and its components. Implement and make use of online marketing and secure your position in the highly-competitive enterprise sector. We explain updated options and procedures for your success here.

Social Media Marketing In Sri Lanka:

Social Media has changed many perspectives over the past few years. Facebook was the early leader, but the younger generation seems to lean towards more visually-interactive platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Business owners must choose all these social media platforms for online marketing campaigns and reach customers of all the age groups for better outcomes. Make sure you choose the right social media platform according to your target audience. Facebook marketing in Sri Lanka is yet a highly-effective strategy. Nevertheless, it is only one component of the entire result-generating social media marketing now.

World-leading brands thrive by social media marketing means your success highly depends on it. Why not focus on Instagram Marketing? See Jane Work is one of the top brands that has implemented Instagram Marketing. See how See Jane Work has managed to attract many thousands of followers You can do the same. It is only a matter of picking the right social media platform and the right agency that can make it happen for you.

Online Video Marketing:

Videos are a powerful marketing tool to give your audience a direct and precise message about your products and services. While content is the king of SEO Sri Lanka, but online marketing through videos too is equally effective. Many recent studies based on marketing trends have already shown it. Millions of customers watch videos of products and services more than ever now. There’s no exception in Sri Lanka. Even the local audience loves watching brand videos, suggesting the importance of implementing it for your 2020 digital marketing strategy. Highly-engaging video marketing undoubtedly gets the message into your customers’ hearts better.

A one-minute video speaks a million words about your product or service, and it satisfies the viewers’ eyes and gives a direct message. Volvo is a world-famous brand, and see how they have got the attention of many thousands of Internet users with this video. “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)”

They launched the promotional video back in 2013, but it is valid even up-to-date. People still talk about it, proving the power of video marketing.

Content Marketing In Sri Lanka:

Content marketing doesn’t refer to taking a top position on Google’s first search page through keywords stuffing. Or, by filling a business website with thousands of non-engaging content. Digital marketing trends 2020 across the globe now highlight the value of developing engaging content. Develop content that Google considers relevant and engaging. Google’s latest and deeper understanding of online content downgrades low-quality content more than even now. Content should attract search engines and your target audience at the same time. A message to business owners in Sri Lanka who currently dominate Google by poorly-written content or black hat SEO strategies: Change Your Approach And Focus On Natural, Engaging, and Precise Content In 2020. Google will Penalize You, if not! Digital Marketing In Sri Lanka Is More Advanced Than You Ever Imagined Now.

Want to know more about why content marketing is crucial in 2020? Read this post: The Power Of Digital Content Marketing, a Forbes Post written by Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi, the Vice President of Marketing at Hawke Media Hawke Media is a leading digital marketing agency in the US.

Personalized Emails:

Billions of people across the globe use Emails as a communication channel. The figures can be even in millions in Sri Lanka now. Email marketing is another powerful online marketing method that generates positive results for your business success. However, this doesn’t refer to old days’ Internet marketing in Sri Lanka that happened via generic Emails. “Personalized Emails” is the latest concept. No spamming or sending the same email to thousands of potential customers. Video Marketing via clean Email Marketing is another trend to implement in 2020. You can also send follow-up emails about your other products and services to customers who have already purchased something from you. The below image precisely explains why should you give priority to Email Marketing in the next few years:

usage of email

Interactive Content:

This is one of the latest digital marketing trends that smartly attracts potential customers to your business. Potential customers can click on or swipe interactive content and connect with you online. Quizzes were the earlier form of this marketing strategy, and 360-videos and augmented reality ads have become essential in 2020. Customers, especially the younger generation, don’t fancy traditional or old days’ content marketing methods nowadays. Up-to-date content marketing using cutting-edge technology is a must-implement strategy to achieve success in 2020.

Chatbots Will Hit Sri Lanka:

Chatbots have become a top choice of customers over traditional phone customer service centers. It is one of the most advanced digital marketing trends in the world. AI software replaces human assistance and guides customers through chat windows or verbal interaction. Business owners also can save money through implementing chatbots by cutting down human resources and enhancing the customer experience. The AI software is a 24/7 and 365 days a year representation of your business; no breaks or holidays. The software learns about customers’ requirements over time and provides a better service on behalf of you.

Various chatbots types are available, and each type comes with unique features and advantages. This post explains the chatbots types available today

Multi-Channel Marketing:

Sometimes referred to as Omnichannel Marketing, this is a digital marketing practice that uses multiple Internet platforms for reaching customers. For example, business owners making use of company website blogs, emails, Social Media pages, and apps for online marketing. Reaching potential customers within every audience is the top aim of this remarkable marketing strategy. Productive online marketing in Sri Lanka is this. Focusing only on one digital platform, such as web blogs or apps, is a big mistake. Failing to reach a significant portion of the potential customer base hinders your success. Be smart and pick the right channel that your audience prefers to most, but make use of other channels as well.

Closing Thoughts:

Digital marketing trends in 2020 keep you on the right track in any competitive market. Business owners in Sri Lanka must understand that using so-called traditional marketing strategies isn’t the right approach to satisfy customers and reach them more efficiently. Internet marketing is a collection of various advanced technologies and platforms. You need an expert digital marketing agency that does all for you. We are industry leaders; choose us for it.

How to determine the pricing for the digital marketing companies?

digital marketing companies

Are you on the lookout for hiring a digital marketing agency or consultant but uncertain of what your financial plan should be? So how much do digital marketing companies cost for all intents and purposes? No problem as we’ve got you the pricing insights for the Digital Marketing Companies – right here!

Before we explore the crux of the matter, let us understand the several degrees of scope and engrossment for the digital marketing companies when working with your organization.

Nuts and bolts about the pricing for the digital marketing companies

The cost of employing the digital marketing companies show a discrepancy with surprising factors including company size, repute or whereabouts. We all come to an agreement here, right?

Though, pricing of the digital marketing companies can be a complicated balancing act between meeting your prices, providing value-for-money to your customers, outbidding your opponents, and making a profit, by all means.

What dynamics affect the pricing decision for Digital Marketing Companies?

Here’s what normally goes into a valid digital marketing campaign:

  • Building your website

  • Keyword Research

  • Content creation

  • Meta-Tag development

  • On-site technical issues

  • Website Architecture

  • Load time

  • External link building

  • Citation development

  • Paid Search Management

  • Social Media optimization and engagement

Besides, the following factors influence the pricing for the digital marketing campaign.

  • Position

Where are you at present?

  • Goals

Where do you want to reach?

  • Timeline

How fast do you want the results?

What should be your budget?

So now, what should be your budget for the digital marketing campaign? How would you govern the price to pay to the digital marketing companies?

The accurate answer to the question resides in your business and existing position. If you are expecting greater profits, you need to expect more competition. By the same token, if you are expecting a lower profit, then naturally, there will be a reduced amount of competition. So, if you have a long way to go, presume that you would need to pay more than if you just need an absolute push.

Most of all, the price for the digital marketing companies are absolutely relative. So, if you own a national business, then you need to pay a bit more than a local business organization. To sum up, the scope of your market and probable profit would, to some extent, direct what you have to pay to the digital marketing companies.

So, I’d advise you to settle down, think up, and decide if hiring the digital marketing companies is right for you. Draw a conclusion if it’s really worth it! At the end of the day, nail down that you would like to pay peanuts for gold, without a doubt. Though would you like to buy gold if it is WORTH peanuts? No! Right?

4 Strategies to Promote a Small Business Website

small business

No matter if you have just opened a café or started a small consulting business or are on the lookout for ways to invite a business opportunity — beginning your own business is a puzzling speculation. You may not have lots and lots of money to spend on marketing in the primary phases of your start-up. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good techniques to get your brand out there. Here, I’m going to share four website strategies for small business that have a confirmed history of success for your small business.

Try these website strategies for small business to build your brand.

Below I’m analysing different methods that you may use to promote your small business or website.

 1. Start a blog and Build Trust and Authority

A blog would not just help your brand get its name out through your targeted audience and followers. In fact, it is a way to associate with your customers directly. But remember that the most important key to the success of blogging is to build trust and authority.

If your followers don’t trust you or don’t see you as an authority in the business, why would they ever visit your website or buy a product from you?

Here are several strategies to establish you as a trustworthy website:

  • Regularly create and share amazing content.

  • Convey stories about your brand, be valuable, and solve their problems.

  • Give away notable content for free.

  • Be different with your voice and mission.

 2. Content marketing

Content marketing has turned out to be an all the time more popular website strategies for small business. This marketing approach is focused on generating, publishing and distributing content for the online targeted audience. This technique is about providing appropriate and valued content to your target audience in hope of meeting their needs. Evidently, the ROI possibly will be a bit harder to estimate but the efficiency of this method has been proven by now.

Creating valuable content for your targeted audience will help in developing and promoting your community. Your content may take the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics and so forth and is generally shared on social media networks. By offering valuable content that’s shareable; your target audience may help you by spreading the word for your business and sharing it.

Sum and substance: Content marketing may not be straightforward but produces a long-lasting impression.

 3. Champion Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter – creating the digital presence across these channels are one of the most remarkable website strategies for small business marketing. As soon as your website is optimized and your content is put out, it’s time to play the SHARING GAME. Sharing your content, and cherishing a dedicated following on social media are meant to drive traffic, boost engagement, and grow your conversions. However, it is more effective to select one network that your clienteles are most present on to follow.

Tips to try:

  • Examine your present social media presence.

  • Observe where do you see the maximum engagement and conquer that social media channel.

  • Go along with few social media tools! Social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer will connect with your social media accounts, letting you plan your posts for the future.

 4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the foundation stone of digital marketing and is one of the best website strategies for small business. In the main, people who visit your website would not buy anything from you instantly. As soon as somebody subscribes to your email list, you’ll discover an opportunity to show your authority and credibility by offering valued content to them by means of email. Email marketing funnels start with a “lead magnet”. This is something really convincing that you provide your website visitors in return of the email address.

Here are all the reasons why email marketing remains the premier converting channel for networking with leads.

  • Low cost

  • International Reach

  • Easy to automate

  • Instant communication

  • Easy to setup

  • Easy to segment

  • Easy to run

  • Easy to track

  • Easy to optimize

6 Digital marketing strategy tips for the business owners

digital marketing strategy plan

As we are entering the revolutionary year 2018, one and only industry that is catching the attention of quite a lot of entrepreneurs is  MARDIGITALKETING. At the moment, digital marketing lets your company achieve more visibility to a much broader audience. So now, with so many ways and means of digital marketing out there—how would you stay ahead of the curve as the time grows?

Well, check out these steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Just have a look at these 5 steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy, and see if incorporating them into your specific business marketing plan may help your business get the digital marketing outcomes you’re looking for.

Use Content Marketing

Your marketing pains would take a major turn for the best when you would apply a strong content marketing strategy across the board. So, if you’re planning to grow your digital presence, try beginning with a blog for your industry. This is one of the most important steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy. Play around with competitive keywords and optimize them for SEO. Nail down that ‘content is really the king!’ The more content you can create, the more you have to share and the better it is.

Website Speed Optimization

Yes! This is the most neglected, yet one of the most important steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy. Your website’s loading speed is another great feature for your business website to perform well on the information superhighway. How fast your server is managing the HTTP request controls the destiny of your business on the World Wide Web. So keep visiting Google page speed optimization tool to check your webpage load speed.

Keep Your Audience in Mind While Posting at all times

One the most significant steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy are that you must always post things that are truly relevant and valuable to your audience. For instance, if you provide heating and cooling facilities, you must possibly post links to useful blog posts about keeping your home cool all through the summertime or warm throughout the midwinter. Such kind of content offers people more of an enticement to follow and engage with your company.

Take advantage of social media.

Social media is one of the major steps to a powerful digital marketing strategy. With quite a few social media platforms available at the moment, social media turns out to be a grand way to engage with both current and potential clients while promoting your brand and expertise at the same time. Social media is fast, engaging, interactive and likable. As soon as your social accounts are in place, dredge up to update them consistently. Don’t leave them inactive for long durations as that might reduce the levels of consumer faithfulness and brand credit.

Track Your Achievements

You may perhaps be a leading digital marketer, but when there’s nothing to demonstrate it, you’re no different than your competitors. This is yet another major step to a powerful digital marketing strategy. So, learn to save your stats, feedback, correspondence, e-mail and other credentials that demonstrate that you really make a difference. Far ahead, you would be able to verify you’ve got what it takes to grow a brand while engaging with your audience.

13 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Social media link building Social media link building[/caption]

Why use social media marketing for small business? Well, that’s because it’s where your consumers are. In all conscience, Social Media marketing is the next ‘Big Thing’ for all the marketers and an influential doorway for connecting with billions of customers.  So go ahead, blast-off with your website and the Facebook Page! But now, when you have opened your gates for social media marketing for small business, what’s next?  Well, it’s time to make people conscious of your brand!

So, to fill that gap, we are sharing the best strategies for social media marketing for small business that would help in brand-building.


1.Pick the appropriate social media platform for your business

different goals and serve different audiences. Therefore, you should develop an exclusive plan personalized for each platform.


2.Make a Plan for Every single Social Media Channel

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. More than a few businesses make the blunder of thoughtlessly jumping into social media marketing without creating a plan or proposal. Hence, you need to start putting together a strategy that can be referred to each and every time the need arises.


3.Observe Your Competitors

If your competitors are present on social media, start observing them. Check out:

  • Who follows them?

  • Who they follow?

  • What do they post?

  • When do they post?

Keep a track of their activities. The objective here is to understand what they are trying to achieve. Study what works well for them and their targeted audience.


4.Engage and delight your targeted audience.

Don’t try to fill up the social media feed of your audience with your posts. Instead, you should focus on dynamically engaging with them while making them your gratified clients. Don’t simply post your blogs and run away or you’ll be missing major prospects to involve with your audience and convert them into your loyal customers.


5.Post consistently

Unfailingly posting to your social media pages may help your audience attain a rhythm. So, work on that.


6.Plan Your Posts at the Best Possible Time

Facebook’s algorithm often makes it hard to reach your complete audience as newsfeeds are repeatedly reorganizing content and controlling the organic reach of your post. Therefore, to get the best out of your content, you must plan your posts to put out at the best time.


7.Track and analyse the whole thing.

Social media marketing for small business is of no use if you don’t track and analyze the whole thing. You would never be able to run a successful social media marketing campaign if you don’t analyze everything. It’s imperative that you lay out perfect objectives with targets that let you control if your social exertion is paying off.


8.Use Hashtags Appropriately

Hashtags make it cooler for your target audience to discover your content with no trouble. So, understand the purpose of hashtags by understanding its classification:

  • Branded

These hashtags stay specific to your business.

  • Industry

These hashtags lay emphasis on industry themes and trends.

  • Trending

These hashtags focus on news related topics and may change like a flash.


9.Content, content, content

Your social media marketing plan is incomplete without a solid emphasis on content. Content is not just the King but also the Queen and every single kind of crowned heads. So go ahead and decide what kind of content works for your industry and target audience.


10.Concentrate on Relationships

The existence of Social media marketing for small business relies on PEOPLE – you, me and more. So, provide value and knowledge to these people in and around your community with the objective of developing genuine relationships. Encourage and inspire people and connect with them to serve the foundational objective of attaining their goals. Nail down that social media marketing is not about you but about people.


11.Take care of SEO

SEO is definitely not turning out to be of no use in a little while. The maximum people searching for your business prefer using search engines as their principal port of call. So, if you manage to create your presence in the topmost spots for keywords the customer is searching, you have a far better prospect of appealing more customers.


12.Flatter Influencers

A Study from Twitter demonstrates that 49% of customers depend on influencers to make buying decisions. Find out the influencers with a huge following on social media and ask them to assist you in meeting your marketing goals.


13.Use visuals to grab people’s attention

Using visuals and graphics with your posts for social media marketing for small business would get you 18% more clicks. When publishing a Facebook post, making a tweet or posting an Instagram story, use any of the pictures from the post to drive more views and clicks. The graphic must relate directly to the theme of your social media post that would help incentivize viewers to click.

How to align your marketing with Digital marketing

digital marketing growth

As the world is going digital, so is the marketing. We could see social media taking over the world in the year 2005 and now the digital big bang is just blowing up. At the moment, the most common situation we embark on is trying to align our business and marketing goals with DIGITAL MARKETING.

Yes! At the present, digital marketing is all over the place.
The magnificence of digital marketing is that you can shape and style it to meet your objectives without a doubt. In fact, if you want to grow the awareness of your brand, then an effective digital marketing strategy would not just sell your story to your targeted audience. In fact, digital marketing has the power to prove your authority, leadership, and control in your business. The reason why digital marketing works the best is that it lets you grow your specific audience of clients and consumers who really want to hear from you.

But how on earth could you align your business marketing with digital marketing competently?
Well, here are the four ways to get more value from digital marketing while aligning it with your marketing strategy. The strategies listed below are surely going to increase your sales by boosting your profitability.

1. Keep your target audience in mind

Out of all the four ways to get more value from digital marketing, this one is the most important. While setting your marketing goals, it is understandable that you need to decide who your target audience is. However, a lot of marketers neglect this fact while creating the digital marketing plan and end up with disconnected consumers. This failure may harmfully impact your website search engine rankings.

2. Use the right platform

The second of the four ways to get more value from digital marketing is to put the appropriate platform to use. Take up that what would happen if the content you generate and the products you manufacture do not reach your target audience. Do you think that would do any justice to your immense pains?
That’s why it turns out to be necessary to use the right platform to share your content. The mainstream of people, at the moment, is active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. So, use social media marketing as an armament to fire your content to more than a few people and engage them with it.

3. Create Personal Connections through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing ways and means offer a better prospect for business organizations to connect with a particular audience on a more profound level than traditional media. Therefore, the third of the four ways to get more value from digital marketing is that brands need to make use of the digital channels to nurture personal relations and connections between their business and its clientele.

Remember, if you manage to leave a positive impression on a person, he/she may perhaps begin to follow you or your business on social media. This may further lead to liking and sharing of your content while participating in online consultations and discussions. At that juncture, your followers would start supporting and promoting your business for you by coincidence.

4. Build a community

Is there any common desire or devotions your local audience share? Well, if yes, you can add or attach such a common fidelity to your content? With a community method, you can understand your clients’ fondness towards their town, city or whatsoever community you pick to target and utilize that to your benefit. This way, you won’t just personalize your content for your targeted local audiences. In fact, you would get some really passionate and trustworthy customers on your side.
So, here are all the four ways to get more value from digital marketing that would help you achieve your goals.