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Wiscom Solutions is one of the very few internationally-recognized online marketing companies in Sri Lanka. We provide a broad range of digital marketing solutions for local and international clients from various market niches. Professional Web Development, SEO Sri Lanka, Social Media Marketing, E-learning systems, E-Commerce, Payment Gateways, and Crypto ERP Solutions are our world-class services for local and international clients. Digital marketing is crucial for business success today, and we implement result-driven digital strategies and make our clients successful market leaders. We also combine mobile apps into online marketing for improved overall results.

While many digital marketing companies are available in Sri Lanka now, but you should pick a full-service marketing agency that provides the broadest range of Internet marketing solutions. Our data-driven and full-service online marketing strategies fit the bill. We shine among all online marketing companies in Sri Lanka because of our unique and comprehensive digital marketing approach.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Approach

We are one of the very few online marketing companies in Sri Lanka that use Audience Data when planning online campaigns for local and international clients. Our unique approach uses the following Audience Data:

1) Audience/Persona: Who are your target audiences, their behaviors/needs, and what are the digital platforms that they mostly hangout?

2) Competitors: Who are the competitors in your market niche, their marketing strategies, and what marketing methods can make you the leader?

3) Chanel Mix: What is the best digital marketing platform, along with secondary online channels, to reach your target audience?

4) Engaging Content: Once we identify previous crucial requirements, we choose the right tone and develop quality content.

Our comprehensive strategy makes us one of the leading online marketing companies in Sri Lanka.

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