E-learning System Sri Lanka


E-Learning System Sri Lanka

Our E-learning System Sri Lanka is the ultimate platform that combines education with the latest technology. It is efficient, convenient, flexible, practical, safe, and approachable for all the parties. The whole teaching/learning process happens online, facilitating “Anytime” and “Anywhere” learning/teaching. It is an e-learning Sri Lankan school for everyone, tutors, students, professionals, employers, parents, busy individuals, and educational institutions.

The e-learning system is a complete product that features all the essential components of online or distance learning. It is much similar to online courses in Sri Lanka, but more potential and systematic.

We have strategically developed Admin, Teacher, and Student Modules through which everybody can register with the system, create profiles, choose online courses, and monitor progress. Advanced features of E-Learning System Sri Lanka include:

Benefits Of E-Learning Sri Lanka

1) Online Registration of tutors and students and create user profiles.

2) Tutors can create profiles, and students can view profiles and choose the preferred tutor.

3) Online course selection and enrollment.

4) Online course material transferring via videos, files, and MCQ papers.

5) Promotional videos, New, and Blogs for promotional purposes.

Dashboard Modules: Admin, Teacher, and Student Dash Modules make e-learning Sri Lanka more flexible and systematic:

Admin Module gives total control to institutions, colleges, universities, and employers.

Teacher Module comprises five modules for well-organized online lecturing, including teaching through online MCQ papers and videos/files.

Student Module includes six modules for distance learning & online courses, including MCQ Practice, video learning, etc.

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Benefits Of E-Learning Sri Lanka

Anytime & Anywhere Teaching: The tutor can teach a large number of students through the Internet and online resources anytime and anywhere.

Distance Learning: Students, professionals, full-time employees, and even parents can master various subjects via online courses.

More Flexible: Anytime & Anywhere teaching/learning is a must-implement strategy because it is flexible for all the parties to teach/learn without compromising busy lifestyles.

Consistent Teaching & Learning: The whole process takes place online means it can happen even at the darkest hour. Teachers can teach at their homes, and students can learn at their homes. The process won’t stop for any reason whatsoever.

Time-Money-Saving: No travel costs, no time wastes, no time limitations, and students can refer to course materials innumerable times at any time. Tutors can share knowledge through online videos, MCQs, files, etc.

E-Learning System Sri Lanka is the turning point of Digital Education; join hands with us! 

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