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A Flexible Plan For Tutors/Students

E-learning in Sri Lanka; what is it? How and when did it come to Sri Lanka? Here’s the story.

In a time when more and more students prefer studying with the latest technology and in their homes, we believed that we could do something about it. On the other hand, So many organizations encourage employees to learn something new, but employees don’t have time for it.

Our expert team then began working on a solution for these requirements; well, we worked hard for it. Months of effort and gathering of expert knowledge and putting everything in one place resulted in success. Our team invented a highly-potential product, which is the much-needed upgrade in the country’s education sector. We proudly now present our E-learning System Sri Lanka, the most advanced and full-featured digital education system invented in the country.

Everybody can benefit from it, local and international tutors. Are you someone with exceptional teaching skills living abroad? Purchase our product and teach the local audience in Sri Lanka from anywhere in the world. Our digital education system is a world-class product, making it the perfect choice for even international tutors to teach their students.


Image Source: https://www.slideshare.net/NewToHR/what-is-elearning-27565186

Why Is E-Learning Essential For Sri Lanka Now?:

The country’s education system undoubtedly requires a sound upgrade now. We are way much behind than many other countries in terms of using technology in education. Even developed countries like the UK have already obsoleted traditional or old days’ teaching methods, expecting better outcomes.

The University of Cambridge is a world-leading education provider, and they also now focus more on providing online courses through e-learning. Here’s what they say about their robust system, “The Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS) is a robust platform that holds course content, materials, and administration in one user-friendly online system. It allows teachers to easily manage classes and track their students’ progress, highlighting areas of strength and weakness for ongoing performance improvement.” Source: https://www.cambridgelms.org/main/p/splash

We have developed a similar and full-featured digital education system for Sri Lanka.

E-Learning System Sri Lanka or Digital Education is the turning point of online courses and distance learning, which is more flexible and result-generating. Students can study by flexible and distance learning, and tutors can teach via electronic resources.

Everything happens digitally, using the Internet, mobile devices, laptops, and computers. You can deliver knowledge and skills to a large number of students, where students learn at their homes under parents’ guidance. E-Learning or Distance Learning is much more productive, timesaving, result-generating, and convenient for all the parties.

Look how E-learning is taking over the Europe Market: 


Coming out of the traditional teaching frame and being highlighted as a tutor who is up-to-date and more flexible is essential now. Students can learn a broad range of subjects without wasting time and money on traveling. E-learning in Sri Lanka is the way of moving forward with the world’s updated trend as one nation.

There’s no doubt about it; we need this urgent and necessary upgrade. Our digital education system revolutionizes teaching/learning and the whole country, making it a hub of educated/skilled youth and workforce.

Below is a robust example of the practicality of online courses and distance learning. The UK’s healthcare sector is one of the most developed divisions in the world. Their e-learning has transformed healthcare into something better and productive. It also busts this myth, “e-learning isn’t suitable for engineering and other difficult subjects/divisions.”


Image Source: https://www.hee.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/documents/e-LfH%20Infographic.pdf

The Benefits Of E-Learning System & Online Courses: The whole world leans towards this method, suggesting its effectiveness. What are the benefits of digital education in Sri Lanka?

1) Improving Teaching:

Online courses and distance learning take the hassle out of the usual classroom administration. The tutor can spend more time teaching, which results in augmented learning outcomes for students. The digital teaching process is much more effective in terms of planning lessons or courses

Our e-learning system in Sri Lanka and online course platform reduce administration and improve course organization. A range of reporting tools and automatic making included for convenient and quick tracking of students’ progress. The tutor remains with more time than ever to concentrate on their passion, teaching.

Below are some exclusive features of e-learning and online courses: Image Source https://elearninginfographics.com/features-of-a-winning-elearning-course-infographic/


The entire teaching process happens online and by the touch of a finger; no need to print endless teaching materials. You can send quality education videos and other digital files you created to every student within only a few seconds.

We highly recommend our product for all institutions and online courses providers in Sri Lanka. You get the total control of tutors and students for managing online courses efficiently and rightly.

The Admin Module:

The admin module is highly beneficial for institutions or colleges that provide online courses or e-learning through a team of teachers. The admin module gives total control to the institution for monitoring tutors and students. The module comes with the following features:

Teacher View for monitoring teachers:

  • View Profiles Of Teachers: The admin can view teachers’ profiles, based on the status of those profiles.
  • Payment Accepting: The admin can view sort payment details through the system.
  • Monitoring Classroom Details: The admin can monitor teachers’ login details and monitor lecturing details through the system.

Student View for monitoring students:

  • Student profile view: The admin can view students’ detail through profiles and also can sort according to course-wise.

  • Payment Details: The admin can monitor students’ payment completions and due dates through the system.

  • Course Completion Details: The admin can view students’ course details, including completion of each online course through the system.

2) Improved Learning:

The youth seems to prefer education that takes place via advanced technology; their preference 100% matches with the world’s trends. Students require a comprehensive and consistent teaching method today. Even if the whole country is at rest, in case of an emergency or other uncontrolled situation, what if students can continue learning safety at their homes? Yes, this is what exactly our E-learning System Sri Lanka does. Learn at your own place, study anywhere, and value for money are the top benefits of online courses and digital education for students.

  We make it happen with the advanced Student Module:

  • MCQ Practice And Score Details:  Students can practice various subjects through MCQ questions and can check the score details.
  • Video Learning Model: Students can access subject-related Videos as well as E-learning modules to practice and get a better understanding of the methods.
  • File View Details: Students can access educational videos/files shared by teachers and practice through the system.
  • View Messaging Center: Communicate with the teacher via sending messages by using the messaging center.
  • Search Courses: A variety of online courses available; the student can search for available courses by using the Search Bar and Apply.

  • Logout: Simply clicking the Logout Button.

The below diagram summarizes it all: Source: Table 1 Benefits of successful e-learning implementation

Image source https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Benefits-of-successful-e-learning-implementation_tbl1_266165026


3) Flexibility For All The Parties:  Teachers, parents, and students; everybody lives busy lifestyles now. E-learning solutions in Sri Lanka are the most flexible teaching and learning solution for you. Even full-time employees and parents can complete a diploma more conveniently with this digital method. No need to compromise your interests and other commitments; you can schedule to teach/study at your own place and phase.

Traditional teaching/learning methods is a burden for busy individuals. “You have to attend the class exactly at 4 pm,” this is the old days’ practice. What if the student or full-time employee can’t attend the class at 4 pm? Distance learning or e-learning is much more practical for such learners. Study whenever you can by referring to the learning sources many times wherever.

While age is not a barrier to study, but many people in their 30s, 40s, or 50s don’t prefer taking lessons with the youth in the same classroom. Here’s the solution. No matter your age, how busy you are, and your knowledge level, you can learn any subject from the beginning to the end through more resilient e-learning.

  • Rich and interactive teaching/course materials make learning easier and more interesting.
  • Digital education comes with the fabulous feature: personalized online support from teachers to students.
  • 24/7 availability of teaching/learning materials for all the parties. Even the parents of students can monitor the progress of their children efficiently.
  • Students don’t have to wait for a particular time to access learning materials.
  • Studying at your home saves time and money. Parents also don’t have to worry about the safety of their children.

4) Stress-Free & Hassle-Free Education: Miles of traveling for tuition classes is a big hassle for students and teachers. Our digital educational system is everyone’s e-learning school in Sri Lanka. Hassle & Stress completely taken out of the equation by this online course method.

You can study anywhere, and you can teach anywhere. Parents don’t need to organize accommodation for their children at faraway places anymore. You can keep them under your inspection, even the students who have completed A-levels. Miles of traveling, hours of time, and money saved in the long run.

Even employers can implement online training and online courses for employees. We developed an advanced online courses & learning/teaching system by considering how it can benefit employers. The below infographic explains it with facts & figures: Source: Infographic: How e-learning benefits productivity


source https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Benefits-of-successful-e-learning-implementation_tbl1_266165026

Teacher Module & Student Module Explained: These modules are for teachers and students to create accounts and proceed with online teaching and learning. The process is as simple as A, B, C. Everything happens online; no need to meet teachers or students in person.

  Teacher Module:

  • Login: Teachers can create the username and the password in this section.
  • Registration:  Fill the registration application after login, and the system updates it. The status of the application is “Pending” until the admin confirms.
  • Evaluation Process: Based on the evaluation done by the admin, “Accept” or “Reject” status will appear in the taskbar.
  • Confirmation: The system sends an E-mail confirmation, including the payment details, for accepted applicants.

  • Payment Process: Clicking the Payment Button in the confirmation Email takes you to the payment gateway. You become an eligible tutor in the system upon payment completion.

  Student Module:

  • Login: Students create the student username and password in this section.

  • Student registration: Students can access the system via their personal Google or Facebook Account.

  • Primary Email Verification:  Successful enrolment into the system sent to students via email verification.

  • Confirmation:  The system also sends an email confirmation to all students who successfully enter the system.
  • Course selection: Students can select the course to follow by searching through the system.
  • Payment process: Payment to complete for each selected online course by clicking the Payment Button. The system sends an email confirmation, confirming the payment.

Be A Part Of Revolution: Our comprehensive e-learning system Sri Lanka is the ultimate solution that facilitates online teaching, learning, online courses, and distance learning.

We masterly created this product for tutors, colleges, institutions, employers, busy parents, universities, students, and full-time employers. Teach and study anywhere and anytime; stress-free and hassle-free.

Want a more summarized idea of the benefits of this education sector advancement? Below is the answer: Image Source

source https://medium.com/@timothyangel64/the-benefits-of-elearning-28f44b91fc47

Closing Thoughts: Become a flexible teacher and win the attention and hearts of students and parents by investing money in our advance system. The much-needed advancement in the education sector is right here.

Contact us today for more information and purchasing our world-class e-learning solution. We give exclusive discounts for local and international tutors and educational institutions.

2020 Digital Marketing Trends For Business Success

Digital marketing trend

2020 digital marketing trends have become a major topic in the business world. No matter the country or industry, implementing these marketing strategies is crucial for the success of any business. Can we ignore the Internet and marketing methods bonded with it in this 21st century? Many thousands of customers prefer online products/services purchasing methods, even in Sri Lanka now. Businesses that make use of these so-called updated marketing strategies succeed, and those who ignore it lose ground. There’s no survival in the business division without Internet marketing in Sri Lanka and its components. Implement and make use of online marketing and secure your position in the highly-competitive enterprise sector. We explain updated options and procedures for your success here.

Social Media Marketing In Sri Lanka:

Social Media has changed many perspectives over the past few years. Facebook was the early leader, but the younger generation seems to lean towards more visually-interactive platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Business owners must choose all these social media platforms for online marketing campaigns and reach customers of all the age groups for better outcomes. Make sure you choose the right social media platform according to your target audience. Facebook marketing in Sri Lanka is yet a highly-effective strategy. Nevertheless, it is only one component of the entire result-generating social media marketing now.

World-leading brands thrive by social media marketing means your success highly depends on it. Why not focus on Instagram Marketing? See Jane Work is one of the top brands that has implemented Instagram Marketing. See how See Jane Work has managed to attract many thousands of followers https://www.instagram.com/seejanework/. You can do the same. It is only a matter of picking the right social media platform and the right agency that can make it happen for you.

Online Video Marketing:

Videos are a powerful marketing tool to give your audience a direct and precise message about your products and services. While content is the king of SEO Sri Lanka, but online marketing through videos too is equally effective. Many recent studies based on marketing trends have already shown it. Millions of customers watch videos of products and services more than ever now. There’s no exception in Sri Lanka. Even the local audience loves watching brand videos, suggesting the importance of implementing it for your 2020 digital marketing strategy. Highly-engaging video marketing undoubtedly gets the message into your customers’ hearts better.

A one-minute video speaks a million words about your product or service, and it satisfies the viewers’ eyes and gives a direct message. Volvo is a world-famous brand, and see how they have got the attention of many thousands of Internet users with this video. “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)”

They launched the promotional video back in 2013, but it is valid even up-to-date. People still talk about it, proving the power of video marketing.

Content Marketing In Sri Lanka:

Content marketing doesn’t refer to taking a top position on Google’s first search page through keywords stuffing. Or, by filling a business website with thousands of non-engaging content. Digital marketing trends 2020 across the globe now highlight the value of developing engaging content. Develop content that Google considers relevant and engaging. Google’s latest and deeper understanding of online content downgrades low-quality content more than even now. Content should attract search engines and your target audience at the same time. A message to business owners in Sri Lanka who currently dominate Google by poorly-written content or black hat SEO strategies: Change Your Approach And Focus On Natural, Engaging, and Precise Content In 2020. Google will Penalize You, if not! Digital Marketing In Sri Lanka Is More Advanced Than You Ever Imagined Now.

Want to know more about why content marketing is crucial in 2020? Read this post: The Power Of Digital Content Marketing, a Forbes Post written by Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi, the Vice President of Marketing at Hawke Media https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2019/11/08/the-power-of-digital-content-marketing/#1a90e5096d03 Hawke Media is a leading digital marketing agency in the US.

Personalized Emails:

Billions of people across the globe use Emails as a communication channel. The figures can be even in millions in Sri Lanka now. Email marketing is another powerful online marketing method that generates positive results for your business success. However, this doesn’t refer to old days’ Internet marketing in Sri Lanka that happened via generic Emails. “Personalized Emails” is the latest concept. No spamming or sending the same email to thousands of potential customers. Video Marketing via clean Email Marketing is another trend to implement in 2020. You can also send follow-up emails about your other products and services to customers who have already purchased something from you. The below image precisely explains why should you give priority to Email Marketing in the next few years:

usage of email

Interactive Content:

This is one of the latest digital marketing trends that smartly attracts potential customers to your business. Potential customers can click on or swipe interactive content and connect with you online. Quizzes were the earlier form of this marketing strategy, and 360-videos and augmented reality ads have become essential in 2020. Customers, especially the younger generation, don’t fancy traditional or old days’ content marketing methods nowadays. Up-to-date content marketing using cutting-edge technology is a must-implement strategy to achieve success in 2020.

Chatbots Will Hit Sri Lanka:

Chatbots have become a top choice of customers over traditional phone customer service centers. It is one of the most advanced digital marketing trends in the world. AI software replaces human assistance and guides customers through chat windows or verbal interaction. Business owners also can save money through implementing chatbots by cutting down human resources and enhancing the customer experience. The AI software is a 24/7 and 365 days a year representation of your business; no breaks or holidays. The software learns about customers’ requirements over time and provides a better service on behalf of you.

Various chatbots types are available, and each type comes with unique features and advantages. This post explains the chatbots types available today https://www.goboomtown.com/blog/3-kinds-chatbots-youll-meet

Multi-Channel Marketing:

Sometimes referred to as Omnichannel Marketing, this is a digital marketing practice that uses multiple Internet platforms for reaching customers. For example, business owners making use of company website blogs, emails, Social Media pages, and apps for online marketing. Reaching potential customers within every audience is the top aim of this remarkable marketing strategy. Productive online marketing in Sri Lanka is this. Focusing only on one digital platform, such as web blogs or apps, is a big mistake. Failing to reach a significant portion of the potential customer base hinders your success. Be smart and pick the right channel that your audience prefers to most, but make use of other channels as well.

Closing Thoughts:

Digital marketing trends in 2020 keep you on the right track in any competitive market. Business owners in Sri Lanka must understand that using so-called traditional marketing strategies isn’t the right approach to satisfy customers and reach them more efficiently. Internet marketing is a collection of various advanced technologies and platforms. You need an expert digital marketing agency that does all for you. We are industry leaders; choose us for it.